Our Post-COVID Working Environment


Billions of people all over the World have had their lives and livelihoods affected by the novel coronavirus. As employers, it is our responsibility to put measures in place at our premises to help protect our staff and to play our part in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

As a company, we have been fortunate in a sense, as our facilities already had many of the foundations in place making our transition into a post-coronavirus working environment relatively straight-forward. Most of our on-site workforce spend the majority of their time in one of our large open warehouses, which are so spacious and open that social distancing measures were easy to implement, as there is plenty of room to move around without having to come too close to other employees. Our main warehouse doors are also kept open during working hours, due to the volume of activity we have moving stock in and out of the buildings, which also ensures a fresh flow of air is always present. In addition to this, we have also always actively encouraged our warehouse team to wear face masks, to protect them from inhaling dust particles, something which has now become an important part of all our lives to help protect us from inhaling germs.

Around all our buildings we have introduced extra measures, which include social distancing and hygiene importance signage throughout, installing hand sanitising stations and allowing our staff to work from home if appropriate, and in their own private office spaces wherever this has been possible to do so. We have also arranged for all on-site staff to have staggered break and lunch times with a one-in one-out procedure in place in certain communal areas such as kitchen and toilet facilities.

As a business we have also limited the number of visitors we have on site and are opting to host meetings with clients over Skype or phone conferences instead wherever possible. We also regularly reiterate to our workforce that strict hygiene rules and government advised self-isolation rules and health advice must always be followed stringently.

We hope that this short update has allowed for some peace of mind about our pandemic compliancy, and we look forward to welcoming future business opportunities with safety at the forefront of our company values.

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