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In our July blog, we put a spotlight on ELVPP as the Premier Components smart tool to be use by our partners -  vehicle dismantlers. Of course, there is more positive of facets of having the ELVPP but the important one is that the system quickly identifies the vehicle and displays a list of parts with a value to sell to us

Our database cover over a million products and recently has been added transitions and engine section

The database is growing and also, Premier Components is keep on moving. We are happy to inform you that we are  moving turbo and commercial section from unit 22 to 21 as number of our stock is constantly increasing.

 This is a time to use Premier Components web purchasing tool ELVPP. When you are searching to sell your selected core units. This tool gives you the satisfaction of having both a guaranteed sale and revenue stream.

In the heartbeat you can become our partner. You just need to contact with our ELVPP team via the purchase link on the website or by phone 01789722908 and email at support”  you can of course visit website

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