The impact of Covid-19 on the aftermarket vehicle parts market


In early 2020, life in the United Kingdom changed for us all with the introduction of the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting the usual operations of many businesses and causing the operations of others to come to an abrupt halt. Amongst these businesses were many of those both directly and indirectly linked to the automotive industry which included car dealerships, car manufacturers, and vehicle parts manufacturers amongst many others.

The sudden closure of car dealerships across the UK and Europe had a knock-on effect with the car manufacturing industry, as the number of new car sales plummeted, the demand to produce new vehicles inevitably also dropped off significantly. In addition to this, many new vehicle manufacturers rely on car parts which are often supplied from countries overseas such as China or the Far East. With the sudden introduction of new travel, import and export restrictions across the globe, new OEM vehicle parts became much harder to source and obtain which also affected vehicle manufacturer’s abilities to produce new vehicles. Whilst this kink in the supply chain may have negatively affected new vehicle production, it revealed a new heightened demand for remanufactured parts, which were not only a cheaper and much more environmentally friendly option, but now they were now a much simpler option to source and obtain as well.

As we begin to get back to life as normal (or as close to it as we are likely to get), we are confident that the increased demand for recycled green aftermarket parts will remain high, especially now that many companies and direct consumers have been exposed to the many benefits of purchasing and utilising remanufactured vehicle parts, and here at Premier Components we look forward to continuing to be a global leader and preferred supplier for this exciting and ever-expanding industry.

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