Rotating Electrics

When it comes to rotating electrics, Premier Components is recognised as the market leader within the industry. 

We have many years of experience in helping customers and suppliers just like you, who work with the very best components and need the right price. And no matter how big or small your company is or whether you are looking to buy or sell used starters and alternators, the Premier purchase and sale team are on hand to deal with any enquiry you may have swiftly and efficiently.

Using our unique purchasing system and high level of inspection throughout our entire buying and warehouse process, you can be sure that our stock of rotating electrics is of the highest quality.

For further information please use the links to contact our rotating electrics sales and purchase department.

If you want to buy from us core please contact our Sales Team


If you want sell us your core please contact our Purchase Team


What is core?

A core is a used original manufactured automotive part that can have a “second life” after being remanufactured.

There a various ways that you can sell your used (core) parts to Premier Components and realise the potential value.

We offer the best prices, a quick decision and fast payment for all of the following used automotive parts

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