We're one of the world’s leading used automotive component distributors

Do you work with quality automotive core? Then you need Premier Components, one of Europe's leading core brokers involved in the purchase and supply of all types of passenger car, light and heavy commercial core. 

If you need to buy or sell automotive core units, then you’ve come to the right place. Premier Components are the number one leading core broker for buying and selling of all types of passenger car, light and heavy commercial core products. Wherever you are, whatever you need, Premier Components can help you.

A circular economy and a sustainable society
As core traders, we play an important role in Autocirc's circular business model. We create opportunities for the reuse of previously unsaleable parts. By creating opportunities to collect and sell parts for renovation, we also increase the possibility for the reuse of vehicle parts that previously went to material recycling, which means that we create the possibility to work at the higher levels of the EU's waste hierarchy. Everything must be done with responsibility for the environment, safely and qualitatively. We, core traders, are proud to contribute to a circular economy and a sustainable society.

Part of something greater
We are proud to belong to Autocirc. The group is an aftermarket company in the automotive industry that focuses wholeheartedly on reuse and recycling. The idea of Autocirc is to create a circle of specialist companies working together in all different parts of the automotive aftermarket cycle.

We do this to increase the reuse of vehicle parts, regardless of whether it is direct reuse or reuse after renovation. This means greater opportunities for reusing refurbished parts and better conditions for material recycling and reintroducing clean, secondary raw materials.

The future picture is that together we can minimize material waste and create a stable flow of sustainable and durable spare parts.

We are a major full line stockist

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